MHCC Organisation Builder (MOB)

Reference Group Members

Deborah Boyle New Horizons
Chris Brentin Breakthrough People Solutions
Alan Brotherton Aids Council of NSW (ACON)
Navaya Ellis On Track Community Programs
Janet Ford The Richmond Fellowship of NSW
Nadia Garin Transcultural Mental Health Centre
Jonathan Harms ARAFMI
Glen Heath The Benevolent Society
Joseph Kim (& Ruth Bearpark) NSW Users & AIDS Association
Fay Kohlhagan GROW NSW
Jillian McLeod The Benevolent Society
Dr. Peri O'Shea NSW Consumer Advisory Group
Damien Russell Centacare Catholic Family Services
Jill Steverson Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW

"[This resource] captures qualitative and quantitative aspects of our work - gets the balance right. It will be a very useful tool for the sector" Deborah Boyle

"A high quality, accessible, clear, flexible resource which will do much more than help organisations to develop their policies; it can be an advocacy tool to engage with funders on what organisations have to produce to meet the breadth and depth of regulatory requirements. Smaller organisations cannot develop this sort of material on their own when funders provide overhead costs which may be as low as 8% of a total grant." Alan Brotherton

"The person-centred nature of the Resource means that issues relevant to young people are captured." Mardi Diles

"The Resource is consumer focused, easy to read, and has clear templates. Organisations will find it very useful. All these resources have been pulled together - with real commitment and motivation - in a way which is user-friendly and inclusive of feedback from the sector." Navaya Ellis

"CALD issues are captured well in the Diversity policy and are embedded throughout the Resource." Nadia Garan

"The [Resource] will be a great asset to any organisation, new or old. I think all key policy areas are covered in a user friendly format and in plain English. Great work!" Janet Ford

"We've made excellent progress with the Resource recognising the important role of carers - particularly carers of people with serious and persistent mental illness - which may easily be overlooked." Jonothan Harms

"Due to the sheer volume of policy this will be invaluable in rural and remote areas as resourcing to do such work would be improbable. It provides the Rural and remote areas a great tool to apply policy where relevant, and utilise the policy development in tailoring for their individual location needs." Damien Russell

Project Coordinator:  Tina Smith, MHCC

Project Consultant:     Kay Hughes