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What do Recovery Oriented Services look like?

Recovery Oriented Services acknowledge that the person with lived experience of mental illness is the expert in their unique recovery journey.


Recovery Oriented Services express the following features:

  • Are person-centred
  • Promote self-determination and individual responsibility
  • Treat people as equals
  • Are culturally respectful
  • Emphasise strength and wellness
  • Foster hope & empowerment; use empowering language
  • Retain staff who work within a recovery framework and have a positive attitude that reflects that recovery is possible 
  • Strike a healthy balance between personal risk and growth
  • Support community integration & social inclusion
  • Provide a variety of support options, and understand that medication is one component in a person's recovery journey
  • Recognise that the lived experience is essential in informing service delivery
  • Challenge stigma and discrimination
  • Facilitate consumer participation
  • Protect human rights
  • Encourage family & peer support, and acknowledge the benefits