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Guidelines for using the MHCC Organisation Builder - Policy Resource

CMOs have practical experience of what works well and what does not, and are encouraged to regard policies as living documents, which will continue to be relevant when regularly attended to, reviewed and updated.

MHCC recommends that CMOs:

  • Develop & adapt material from a range of sources, including the Policy Resource where relevant, when drafting and reviewing policies
  • Consult on draft policies (eg have policy working groups,  engender policy responsibility and enthusiasm, particularly with people with lived experience of recovery)
  • Link policies to Quality Improvement and Accreditation
  • Formally adopt, implement and regularly review policies

The MHCC Organisation Builder - Policy Resource is not designed to be used as an "off-the-shelf, one-size fits-all" manual; each CMO is responsible for developing policy to express the unique fabric of the organisation.

Some additional guidelines for use arising from the Policy Resource trial are also available.


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