MHCC Organisation Builder (MOB)

About the MHCC Policy Resource

The MHCC Organisation Builder (MOB) - Policy Resource includes template-style samples, information brochures, checklists, diagrams and flowcharts which CMOs will find useful for adaptation in policy development and review.

Use of MOB Policy Resource material will depend on the unique features of the particular CMO; organisations will have different needs depending on factors such as developmental stage, structure, size, geographic coverage, and range of service types.

Start-up CMOs may find it more useful to adapt template-style MOB Policy Resource items until they have the resources to develop their own unique style; mature, established CMOs may find it more useful to consider principles and guidelines during the regular policy review process.

MHCC encourages you to let us know how your CMO has used the MOB Policy Resource, and if you see the need for the development of other MOB Policy Resource items.