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The MHCC Organisation Builder (MOB) - Policy Resource has been developed by MHCC members for MHCC members to build and strengthen effective, recovery-oriented service delivery and practice for people with lived experience of mental illness and their support network.

The resource has a great range of recovery-oriented items which community managed organisations (CMOs) and others will find useful for adaptation in policy development and review, and in other quality improvement activity.

MHCC's Recovery Oriented Language Guide underpins the MOB Policy Resource because language matters in mental health. Organisations providing recovery oriented and trauma-informed services to people affected by mental/emotional distress are also encouraged to adopt guidelines regarding use of language.

The Policy Resource includes a Language Guide template for your organisation to further develop (this is included as a as a complement to the 'Valued Status Policy' in the 'Prevention and Promotion' category).

By no means is the MHCC Organisation Builder - Policy Resource the final word on policy for recovery oriented services; it is the beginning of a conversation through which our sector can develop an evidence base on how policy supports recovery.

Your feedback will help to develop the resource further, to ensure it continues to be useful and relevant for CMOs providing recovery oriented services.

MHCC is grateful to NADA for permitting us to build on its Policy Toolkit, and to the expertise and generosity of Reference Group Members resulting in this practical and innovative MHCC Organisation Builder - Policy Resource.

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